Virtual Court Yard Market

 Franke On-line Shopping

Let your fingers do the walking through our online market place,  make a list and submit your needs to . Please no phone calls.

Market selections are stocked in house. Special arrangements will need to be made with Life Enrichment to obtain  your preferred  items from a grocer or drug store.

Quantity limitations- Please note that Market orders should be compiled in bulk to limit many small delivery trips for our staff. Running up two granola bars for Mr. Billingsly on one side of the campus and a roll of paper towels for Mrs. Jesse on the other side of campus  is not practical for our operation. 

Departments include

  • Market Catering
  • By the Ounce
  • Bread by the Loaf
  • Snacks & Sweets
  • Cakes & Pies
  • Beverage on the go
  • Brews
  • Household fundamentals-Paper goods & Chemicals

Market Place Catering

The Items Below Will serve as the New Catering menu Items. Catering Should Now Be Done Through the Market.


Buy the Ounce


Loafing Department


Snacks & Sweets

Cakes & Pies

Beverages on the Go



Household Fundamentals 


14 thoughts on “Virtual Court Yard Market”

  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea. Especially useful now that we can no longer go off campus. Thanks for caring so much about us. 🙂


  2. Thank you Frankie for the wonderful welcome gift of most delicious strawberries!
    What a treat! Hilda & Bob Lindell


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