The Court Yard Market

The Courtyard Market offers quick snacks on the go, freshly prepared take-away meal selections and refreshing beverage options. The  Courtyard Market has become the new “go to” for your occasional daily needs. Salads, prepared platters, snacks and beverages are now available Monday through Friday 10:30-1:45 pm and 2:30-4:00 pm

To better serve the community we also offer a virtual on-line market. Please call Linda Ann or e-mail to place your online market or catering order. Market selections are stocked in house.


24 Hour Pre-order on Most Catering Items

Finger licking good chicken wings fully cooked and ready for reheat. choose mild hot, barbecue, teriyaki sauce on the side or plain. choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing. Celery not included. 2 dozen wings $24.00
1 Dozen crispy fried tempura chicken tenders with your choice of honey mustard, barbecue, teriyaki or ranch dressing $12.00
Market Lasagna, weighing in at a 6 pound pan serving 8-12 people. Choose beef or vegetable lasagna $22.00 pan
Slow cooked baby back rack of ribs with a zesty barbecue sauce 12-14 bone full rack $20.00
Whole roasted Atlantic side of salmon. Choose plain, pesto, teriyaki or barbecue sauce on the side for a special flavor treat. $34.00 per side 48 hour notice please
shrimp cock
Shrimp Cocktail 32 oz. stay fresh container =1 lb or 25 shrimp $ 19.00 includes cocktail sauce

Prepared Salads by the Ounce

chicken salad
Market chicken salad 8 oz. $3.00 / 16 oz. $6.25
shrimp salad
House-made shrimp salad 8 oz. $3.50 / 16 oz. $7.00
tuna salad
Market tuna salad 8 oz. $3.00 / 16 oz. $6.25
pimento cheese
Market Place pimento cheese 8 oz. $3.75 / 16 oz. $7.00
pimento cheese
Cheddar Cheese Pimento Cheese Spread 8 oz. $3.75 16 oz. $7.00

Loafing Department

Call ahead, Order and We Will Deliver

white bread $3
Classic thin sliced white bread by the loaf $3.00
grain bread
Organic sprouted multigrain bread $4.00 loaf (Fresh Frozen)
sour dough
Hill Top Hearth Sliced Sour Dough Bread $4.00 loaf
rye bread $3.50
Thin sliced rye bread $3.50 loaf (Fresh Frozen)
European Bakers Cinnamon Raisin Bread $5.00 loaf
Udis Gluten Free Sandwich Wheat Bread by the Loaf 7.50
cranberry walnut
Cranberry Walnut Bread specialty loaf $5.00 loaf

Snacks & Sweets

Metro Deli Original Sea Salt or Barbecue Chips $1.00 bg.
Rold Gold Classic Tiny Twist Pretzels 1oz. Bags 3 for $1.25

Choose Famous Amos Bites or Grandma Chocolate Chip Cookies 3 for $1.00

Choose Kellogg Low Fat Granola Raisin/ Smart Start, Special K with Red Berries, (Out of Stock) Special K Fruit & Yogurt, Frosted Mini -Wheat or Kashi Go-Lean Crunch $1.25 pc
Mix Berry yogurt
Activia Mix Berry Flavor Yogurt Only 4 FOR $1.75

Cakes & Pies

Call ahead, Order and We Will Deliver

lemon italian cake
Lemon Italian Cream Layer Cake $26.00 whole cake
New Item- Gelato Bomba Frozen Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Gelato, a Cherry, Almonds and Chocolate Coating $2.50
peanut butter pie
OUT OF STOCK Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie $16.00 whole pie
ultimate choc cake
Ultimate Chocolate Hershey Cake $26.00 whole cake
classic pecan pie
Classic Pecan Pie $10.00 whole pie
Deep Dish Pecan
Deep Dish Bourbon Pecan Pie $30.00 whole pie

Beverages on the Go

Choose Coke and Pepsi, regular, diet, zero, caffeine free, sprite, Orange Crush and ginger ale 1.75
Pure Leaf Cold Brew Lightly Sweet Black Tea Iced Tea $1.75 ea
Honest Organic Half Tea Half Lemonade $1.75
Choose Original Chocolate Ensure or Ensure Plus 6 pack $7
12 oz. bottle Tropicana orange juice $1.50 pc.
cranberry j
Tropicana cranberry juice $1.00 pc
apple juice
Thurster 100% apple juice .75 pc.
Dole Pineapple Juice 6 pack $2.50
You can still have a V-8. Low sodium 100% vegetable juice 6 pack $3.00
Purified water twist cap 16.5 oz. 6 for $1.25
Starbucks Creamy Smooth Vanilla Frappachino with Almond Cream 13 oz. 2.75 ea
13 .7 oz Dunkin Donuts Espresso Iced Coffee $2.50
Split Bottle J Lohr Chardonnay 375 ML $9.00
Split Bottle Hall merlot 375 ML $13.00
Split Bottle Frank Family Cab. Sauvignon 375ML $22.00
Split Bottle J Lohr Merlot 375ML $10.00
Split Bottle Sante Margarita 375ML $12.00
Split Bottle King Estates Pinot Gris 375ML $10.25

Limit 2 split bottles per day

Household Fundamentals

clorox pump
Disinfecting Bleach Spray Cleaner with the power of Clorox. 32 OZ SPRAY BOTTLES $4.00
32 oz. of pure Joy lemon scent pot and pan soap. $4.25 btl
Soft Soap antibacterial liquid pump hand soap 11.5 oz. $3.75 each
paper towel
Paper Towel perforated 11×9 250 sheet natural 2 ply $1.75 A ROLL
Facial Tissue 2 ply soft absorbent 2 BOX FOR $1.75
angel soft tp
Toilet Tissue “The Gotta Have household item” 550 SHEET 2 PLY WHITE EMBOSSED Angel Soft Brand 3 ROLLS FOR $2.25

15 thoughts on “The Court Yard Market”

  1. Thank you Frankie for the wonderful welcome gift of most delicious strawberries!
    What a treat! Hilda & Bob Lindell


  2. What an absolutely wonderful idea. Especially useful now that we can no longer go off campus. Thanks for caring so much about us. 🙂


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