Weekly Menu

Contact Information

Linda Ann E- Mail lmoss@frankeatseaside.org  Market & Catering 375-5010

Chef Frankie Scavullo E-Mail FScavullo@frankeatseaside.org  375-5001

To-Go and Delivery Kitchen Line 375-5026  TO GO/ DELIVERY DINNER CALL BY 3:30

     Saturday May 15, 2021

Soup- Cream of Asparagus & Cauliflower Soup

Beacon Hill Boil with Cod, Sausage, Corn on Cobb and Seafood Beer Broth

    Veal Marsala with Mushrooms and Marsala Pan Sauce (Red Meat)                                  

Starch: Pasta Bake

Vegetable: Vegetable Medley                                               

Assorted Bread    

   Sunday May 16, 2021  

Please call in your Brunch meal requests by 10 am. Meal Delivery 11:30 am-1:30 pm

Soup- Carrot Ginger Soup

Chicken a La Queen with Sherry, Mushrooms and Vegetables

Vegetable: Sugar Snaps, Asparagus & Shallots

Starch: Spring Vegetable Rice

Eggs to Order     Fluffy Pancakes

Biscuit, (Sausage Gravy Available), Grits (Bowl or Cup)     Fruit Cup  

Corned Beef Hash & Cream Chip Beef,

Ham, Bacon, Sausage Links & Sausage Patty

Menu Salads-Burges, Spinach or Caesar


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