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Contact Information 

Linda Ann E- Mail lmoss@frankeatseaside.org  Reservations & Catering 375-5010

Chef Frankie Scavullo E-Mail FScavullo@frankeatseaside.org  375-5001

To-Go and Delivery Kitchen Line 375-5026  Alt: 375-5006 TO GO/ DELIVERY DINNER CALL BY 3:30

 The Courtyard Market is open “On-line”.

Visit https://burgesdining.org/virtual-market-place/

Choose catered goods, snacks, salads, whole cakes and household needs. Let your fingers do the shopping! Depending on volume most orders same day delivery. Conveniently charged through your Burges Meal Allotment Plan/ Market offerings is the new way to order catering.  

                             Thursday April 9, 2020

Chicken Crowder Pea Soup

**THURSDAY SPECIAL** Fresh Soft Shell Crab with Bistro Dipping Sauce 

Pastrami & Provolone Sandwich on Hoagie Bun with Spicy Guldin’s Mustard Side

*Baked Stuffed Shells OR Cheese Manicotti with Basil, Spinach Marinara Sauce

Vegetable 1: Tomato Pie Casserole       Vegetable 2: Bean & Carrot Blend    

                Bread: Assorted Bread                 Starch: Corn Fritters

(*Default if not specified)

                         Friday April 10, 2020        Good Friday

Beef Chili

Veal Saltimbocca with Prosciutto Ham and Sage

            Szechwan Grouper with Ginger Soy Sauce

   Vegetable 1: Steamed Brussel Sprouts       Vegetable 2: Ratatouille

                  Bread: Biscuits                          Starch: Parslied Egg Noodles

                     Saturday April 11, 2020      

          Scandinavian Seafood Chowder         

 Marinated Flank Steak with Summer Ale Mushroom Jus

Shrimp Po’boy with Cajun Remoulade on Soft Bun

Vegetable 1: Vegetable Medley         Assorted Rolls     Starch: Lobster Potato Hash

 Sunday April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday

         In light of our current situations and the fact that we are discouraging large family gatherings we are not offering Easter Heat and Serve Packages. We will offer the following menu to our residents for delivery at lunch time.  

Delivery Brunch Menu

Please call in your meal requests by 11 am. We will deliver meals 11 am-1:30 pm

     Yankee Ham & Bean Soup          

Dijon Roasted Rack of Lamb with Mint Demi-Glace Sauce

Steamed Asparagus     Hash Brown Casserole

Smoke Salmon & Swiss Cheese Egg Casserole

Fluffy Pancakes, Biscuits (Sausage Gravy Available), Grits         

Sliced Ham, Bacon, & Sausage

The food service staff has come up with a reasonable way to prepare, package and deliver the 200 plus meals a night. The first 75 or so folks who call & order are fixed as round 1 with preparation starting at 2:45 or so. Calls that come in early afternoon are prepared as round 2 and those who call in later are round 3. This is why you may notice your neighbor getting their food at 4 pm while yours arrives later in the evening. If you made an order….we will get it to you. Thank you for your patience and of course, we miss seeing all of you.

fresh to frozen

Ready Prepared Fresh to Frozen Meals $6. Simply Thaw, Heat & Eat.

 Choose a ready made fresh to frozen selection from the list below. These are pre-packaged with designated side items. No Changes available. 

  • Sliced Ham with Sweet Potato Casserole and Vegetable Medley
  • Sauteed Veal Liver with Mashed Potatoes & Vegetable Medley (Single & Double Available)
  • Broiled Icelandic Halibut with Sweet Potato and Vegetable Medley
  • Sauteed Grouper with Sweet Potato and Corn on Cob
  • Grilled & Sliced Tenderloin of Beef with Sweet Potato & Au gratin Potatoes
  • Grilled Calhoun Tender Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Medley (Single or Double Available)
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Roasted Carrots & sweet Potatoes and Au gratin Potatoes
  • Blackened Swordfish with Succotash and Macaroni & Cheese Fritter
  • Curry Pork Tenderloin with Succotash & Potato Pancakes
  • Roasted Turkey with Sweet Potato and Vegetable Medley
  • Vegan Burger, Bun and Chips (with Cheese Available)
  • Salmon Cakes with Corn on the Cob and Sweet Potato
  • Stewed Chicken Wild Rice Bowl
  • Stir-fry Beef and Fried Rice Bowl
  • Vegetable Rice Bowl
  • Butter Nut Squash Soup
  • Sausage Vegetable Soup