Burges On-line Ordering

Franke Independent Living Residents have the opportunity to order breakfast, lunch and dinner on-line from their computer, tablet or smart phone.

Enrollment in this program consists of  setting up an account with Chef Frankie. This is a web based software which requires the user to have a moderate level of internet capabilities and knowledge.

Upon signing up you will be assigned an account number and directed to the Franke Online Food Order page .

cardwatch open screen

Selecting register an account will bring you to a new screen where you will be asked to supply your account number (Chef Frankie to supply), E-mail address (on file with Chef Frankie) , last name ( as it appears on your meal allotment account), and create a password (+ confirm password)

cardwatch regester screen

Upon submitting your information you will receive an e-mail from Franke food delivery with a URL or web address at the bottom of the e-mail. Selecting the URL you will be directed to a WELCOME screen.

Advancing from the welcome screen you will hit the main page with your account information. AT THIS POINT YOU SHOULD BOOKMARK THE PAGE FOR EASY FUTURE ACCESS.

cardwatch home screen

cardwatchbottom screen

At the top of your main account screen you will see your last name and abbreviated address / your meal plan with your balance and your R/C or resident charge amount. Finally there will be last transaction which will start logging as you begin to order food on the system.

At the bottom you will see the ACCOUNT TAB/ FAVORITES/ ORDER/ OPTIONS

THE ORDER TAB  will be your next choice which will bring you to location selection and The Burges Online logo for meal orders or the Online Market Place for catering and market orders. By selecting the logo you will be routed to the menu selection screen.

Residents are able to order up to five (5) day in advance and operation times designate meal period availability. If you were to choose to order on Wednesday the 17th for lunch with delivery time around 11:30 pm you would then proceed to confirm on lower right. Upon confirmation you will be directed to the menus page. Please note- Currently there are limitations to pre-ordering days in advance if your meal plan is set to roll-over on or after a chosen future date.



The menu page below offers your meal selection from the desired meal period choices. Please remember when ordering for dinner, items from the lunch menu are not available. It is best, if ordering from the market menu to start a new order and not intermingle a market order with a lunch or dinner order as market orders may be delayed for preparation. On those same lines, dinner and lunch orders should be made separately also. Select your desired menu to view the items with pictures, price and descriptions.


Selecting LUNCH will display the following menu (The following is just a small snip of the many lunch items available)

cardwatch lunch sample menu
Lunch Menu Snip it

Selection of  an item such as the CLUB SANDWICH will display the picture, description, and necessary input needed from you to complete the order. The following will show required modifiers. One of each “required” must be chosen to proceed.

As you can see below, the bread and accompanying side are the only choices/ modifiers that actually need to be selected. The cheese and meat selections are optional modifiers and do not need selection. Upon completing your choices ALWAYS PROCEED TO THE BOTTOM AND SELECT ADD TO CART. Upon adding item to cart you will be routed back to the top of the menu you were currently viewing. 

The top bar contains a left arrow which returns you to the previous screen and a shopping cart to the right which you will proceed to after your ordering is complete.

cardwatch top bar

other sample menus

Upon loading up the cart you will proceed to check out and your selections will be listed.

Before checkout you can quickly edit the order, add another of the same item or delete you selection. The cart in the top right screen will now show a check mark. proceed to the check mark to review payment and pay.

cardwatch my cart

Selecting pay will display 2 payment options. Always select meal plan.


cardwatch select pay

A final confirmation will display and you will receive one of two e-mails, first an order confirmation and another during the estimated time you meal is being prepared. cardwatch Thank You

You may now return to main screen  or place another order for a different meal period and time by selecting ORDER.

Service staff receive a ticket at a designated printer seconds after you place your order and staff can also view an online table with all the orders placed during a specific time.

cardwatch table

IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER BY MISTAKE OR NEED TO DELETE AN  ITEM PLEASE CALL LINDA ANN AT 375-5010 If you add an item on-line you might notify Linda Ann so we make sure the item is put with the previous on-line order.

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