The Burges Food Service Department will limit a large catering order to $65 per household within a seven-day period. We welcome the opportunity to offer the most diverse and flexible breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering menu of most any active lifestyle community in the country. As well, we welcome our residents, their family and friends to enjoy the seven days of meal period offerings and nightly dinner delivery orders with reasonable catering requests.

48 Hour Notice for Catering Orders

Large Orders May Require Advance Notice

24 Hour Notice for Loaf Breads & Pound Cakes

Quiche: Order by Wed. For Thursday Pick-up

 Items Dependent on Product Availability

Large To-Go Orders from the Regular Dinner Menu May Require Advance Notice of 48 Hours to Assure Product Quantities

SANDWICH PLATTER– Choose From a Combination of Sliced Honey Ham, Turkey Breast, Chicken Salad, Shrimp Salad or Tuna Salad with Jack, Swiss Or American Cheese, Mayonnaise and Mustard Served On Your Choice of Kaiser Roll, White, Wheat, Sour Dough, Rye Bread or Wraps. Sandwiches are cut in Fourths Presented on a Lined Party Tray Small 8 pc.  Large 16 pc. 

FRUIT PLATTER– Sliced Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Pineapple with Strawberries and Grapes Presented on Leaf Lettuce Lined Party Tray. Small (Serve 8-12)  Large (Serves 20-25) 

CHEESE PLATTER-A Selection of Domestic and Imported Cubed Cheese with Fresh Fruit Accents on  Lined party Platter with Assorted Crackers. Small (Serves 10-14)  Large (Serves 20-25) 

SHRIMP COCKTAIL BY THE POUND– 1 Pounds of Lightly Seasoned Peeled Steamed Shrimp Served with Cocktail Sauce &Lemon Wedges 1 pounds approx… 25 Shrimp 

DEVILED EGGS-These Deviled Delights Are Great For Any Occasion! Substitute Avocado for Mayonnaise.for a Health Alternative. 2 Dozen 

WACKY WING PLATTER– Finger Licking Good Buffalo  Style Bone In Wings with Your Choice of Mild or Spicy Sauce, Celery Sticks and Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing. 2 Dozen for 

CHICKEN TENDER PLATTER– Crispy Fried Tempura Battered  Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Dressing 2 Dozen  

BEEF OR VEGETABLE LASAGNA– With Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Marinara Sauce. Now That’s Italian! Frozen Half Pan  (Specify Thawed)

BABY BACK RIBS– Slow Cooked and Basted with Barbecue Sauce served with Cole Slaw & Corn Bread. Sure to Bring Smiles to Everyone’s Face. Full Rack  Avg. 12-14 Bones  

 ROASTED SALMON– A Whole Roasted Side of Salmon Basted with Basil Pesto Sauce, Teriyaki Glaze or Barbecue Sauce and Cooked to Medium Well. Specify If Prefer Warm, Ready Serve 1 Side of Salmon 

Specialty Salads by the Pound

Cole Slaw /Potato Salad /Egg Salad /Cucumber Tomato Salad /Chicken Salad /Shrimp Salad

Unleash the Quiche! Whole 9 “ Quiche (Thursday Pick up) You Build It We’ll Bake It.  

Ham Biscuit Platter Bite-size Half Moon Biscuits and Sliced Deli Ham with a Side of Mustard or Mayonnaise. 1 Dozen

Breakfast Fare

The Danish Platter- Assorted Danish and Muffins with Fruit Accents Small (Serve 6-8)   (Serves 15-20) 

COFFEE SERVICE– Served in an 46 oz. Air Pot with Sweeteners & Half and Half  

Specialty Cakes Chocolate Mosaic Cake $30.00 Lemon Italian Cream Layer Cake $23.00, Carrot Layer Cake $21.00, Ultimate Chocolate Hershey Cake $26.00

Custom Pies

No Sugar Added Pie A/P/Ch $10.00,  Lattice Apple Pie $10.00   Deep Dish Pecan Pie $16.00, Classic Pecan Pie $10.00,  Key Lime Pie $15.00  Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie $15.00

Assorted Cookies Choose from an Assortment of Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Rocky Road, Macadamia or Snicker Doodle $14 per (2) two dozen

 Loaf Breads and Pound Cakes $8.00 24 Hour Notice for Pick-up Choose from Banana Pecan Loaf,/ Apple Raisin Loaf, / Orange Poppy Loaf.

Catering Items Will Be Charged to Your Meal Account At Time of Pick-Up

Special Request Items and Large Catering orders are at the Discretion of Management