Front Burner Team Spotlight

Aldolphus Washington

A Little Razzle Dazzle
Calm and quiet-spoken but not shy, strong in spirit but
easy-going and tender-hearted, proud, and loyal family
man, former professional boxer, comfortable in his own
skin, confident and relaxed without a trace of bravado….
these are just a few of the impressions one takes away
from a pleasant conversation with Aldolphus
Aldolphus is a man who finds much to appreciate about
his life. His teenage sweetheart, Cynthia, became his wife
over three decades ago. They met working at McDonalds
and have been together 37 years, working together for 30
of those years! The Washington’s are proud of their four
boys, all grown and successful in their jobs. Some residents might remember one of their
sons, A.J., who worked for a while in the ALC Dining Services.

Aldolphus is especially proud of his four grandchildren, ages 14 and 12 (girls), and 5 & 4 (boys). He is grateful that they are all attending excellent schools and are doing very, very well. There is an extra-wide smile and a sparkle in his eyes
when he mentions an upcoming “date” with the two
granddaughters at California Dreaming.

About that professional boxing career: As a young man,
Aldolphus was coached at his community recreation
center by a retired SC Highway Department Supervisor
named “Stogie” Rowe, whom he describes as a loveable,
incredible man who “changed my life”. The highlight of
his boxing career was making it to the third round of the
1996 Olympic trials, for which he received a bronze
medal. After this, he made the transition to professional
cooking in order to provide a stable income for his

The youngest of seven children, Aldolphus learned to
cook by spending time in the kitchen with his mom. He
says cooking is a “family thing”, something his entire
extended family enjoys doing, and something that has
always come naturally to him. After 20 years of cooking
at Kiawah, Aldolphus made the move to Franke at Seaside nine years ago. That was when someone by the name of Frankie Scavullo also left Kiawah and came (back) to work here. Aldolphus is the morning Lead Cook for ALC Dining
Services, and arrives on campus at 6:00 am, a time when
most of us are not even thinking of leaving our cozy
beds. Aldolphus really enjoys working with Chef Frankie. The
inside scoop from Chef Frankie is that every time someone
asks Aldolphus what he is cooking or what he added to make
something so good, he responds, “I just added a little razzle
dazzle, you know how I do!”.
Although Aldolphus prefers working in the kitchen to “outside”,
he has developed fond relationships with several residents
over the years, especially some of the “regulars’’ at breakfast
time. During his infrequent appearances outside of the
kitchen, he says the residents sometimes make him feel like
a celebrity. As well we should! Thank you, Aldolphus, for all
the great razzle dazzle.

Article by Donna Doughty December 2021 Franke Flyer Publication

Saquaya Brown

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Active Lifestyle Community, we have a precious, rare gem
hidden away in our Dining Services Kitchen! As strong, beautiful, and multi-faceted as a
diamond, our evening Lead Cook, Saquaya Brown, has been
preparing meals for our community for over three years. And
she’s wise beyond her years. This lady has it all, and we are
so fortunate that she’s made Franke her second home.
In 2014, Saquaya and Kelly Newman (currently our morning
Sous Chef) were working for another employer when Kelly
left to take a job at Franke. There were no additional
openings at that time, but three years later Saquaya found a
Franke position posted on-line and jumped at it. Saquaya
has always loved to cook and enjoys the challenge of
learning new things every day. She is tenacious about
practicing until she has perfected a dish or a sauce, working most
recently for a couple of months on her soups until getting the tastes
and textures just right. That scampi sauce you had a few weeks
ago with your halibut? Saquaya is responsible for getting the butter
blended with the heavy cream just right.
“You will never learn until you mess up…more than one
time!” Saquaya describes the ALC kitchen as a safe, supportive
place where it’s okay to try something new, even if you mess up.
She loves that they work as a team, everyone gets along, and
everyone helps out. “We don’t complain, we just pitch in and get it
done”. She pointed out that the field of professional cooks is
dominated by men. She is often the only woman in the
kitchen. Where this may be an issue in other kitchens, at Franke
“Mr. Aldolphus” is her go-to person for all questions, her mentor and

At home, Saquaya is the proud mother of
an almost four-year-old daughter, Queen,
and “the boys”, Khalil, age 8, and King, ageAnd yes, Queen definitely lives up to
her name, reigning like royalty in her
family! Although she is single, Saquaya shares parenting responsibilities daily with the children’s father. He cares for them in the evening while she works until 8 pm and they
frequently enjoy outings and activities as a family. She says, “I tell
people, our relationship didn’t work, but the family works”.

When asked if there was anything else we should know about her,
Saquaya replied, “I try to do right by people from the jump. I’m
honest, genuine.” That truth shines bright straight from her first hello
and radiates through the conversation. Not afraid to try, fail, learn.
Open to new experiences, new friendships. We hope she’ll start to
make an appearance from time to time at your dinner table, to say
hello and check on your meal. And if she asks how
you liked something she prepared, she wants your
honest opinion. Remember, Saquaya is as strong as
she is lovely and talented. She’s got this.

Article by Donna Doughty December 2021 Franke Flyer Publication