Burges Dining Cheat Sheet

Meal  Allotment Program

“Allotted Dollars” will be provided in bulk on a monthly basis. Contractually $8 a day will be issued to each ALC Resident for 30 days which equals $240 in allotted funds per resident and $480 in allotted funds per couple. These funds may be utilized to select meals and A la Carte items in a flexible and easy manner as well as used to purchase meals and beverage for residents guests and catered service. Upon use of allotted funds purchases will be billed as a debit charge to your monthly statement equal dollar for dollar utilizing standard U.S. Currency rates.

Allotted funds expire after the household’s rollover period and cannot be carried over to the next period, sold, traded or transferred from one resident household to another. Unused funds only compliment the Burges Food Service budget. No other departments or LHSC properties can benefit from unutilized funds

Meal Allotment Roll-Over dates for each group are as follows.

Waterside +1900-1924 Heidelberg dr. first (1st) day of each month thru the last day of the month (Starts October 1, 2018)

Trailside + 19001937 Augsburg dr. The fourteenth (7th) day of each month thru the thirteenth (6 th) day of the following month (Starts December 1, 2018 most former TS cottages joining new cottage group)

Woodside +1991-1404 Wittenberg ct. The Seventh (14 th) day of each month thru the sixth (13 th) day of the following month

Cottage Group 1400 -1448 Wittenberg & 1928-1992 Heidelberg dr. The twenty-first (21st) day of each month thru the twentieth (20th) day of the following month (Transitions vary depending on former group)

Monthly charges will be incurred from the first (1st) day of each month thru the last day of each month with statements being sent out within the first week of the following month.

Policy and Procedures to ensure the comfort of all community members and guarantee a sustainable food service program for years to come.

Travel Prorate Residents who turn in a travel form to Jennifer Waters and leave the property for 10 consecutive days  or more will be issued a meal credit on their following statement equal to $8 a day that they are gone.

To-go ordering & delivery dinner meals may be called in throughout the day or placed through our on-line ordering system(enrollment required) up to 3:30 pm and messages are checked randomly throughout the day. Residents may also stop by the café and place orders but we do ask that orders not be placed during busy meal periods so as not to negatively affect the service of diners and cause congestion in the bar service area.  Dinner to-go orders should be picked up from 4:30-5:00 pm. If you prefer to order for the entire week, week long orders may be selected from the seasonal or weekly menu sheet handout with your name, address and contact phone number and clearly written notations on special orders. These may then be given to Linda Ann. Delivery orders of regular menu items are not available on Sunday afternoon brunch.  (i.e. burgers, salmon, appetizers and sandwiches).

Excessive large to-go and delivery order items are at the discretion of management and alternate menu items might be suggested to maintain adequate quantities for the nightly in-house meal service.

Catering items may be chosen from the catering menu and ordered 48 hours in advance. Catering orders are limited to $65 per week per household.

Buffets Holiday buffets and weekday buffets (when they resume) are priced at  $8 a person  and considered “All You Can Eat”. Standard universal buffet etiquette applies. Excess food taken home after the meal will be charged accordingly. To-go meals taken from the buffet after a resident has eaten from the buffet will be charged accordingly.

Guest Policy

The Franke property currently discourages visitation from outside influences whom might jeopardize the health of vulnerable residents and members of the community. Under normal circumstances guests must be accompanied by and seated with the resident.  Allotted “funds” may be used to purchase guest meals while guest service fees will debit to your monthly statement. A $2.00 guest service fee will apply for breakfast. A $3.00 guest service fee will apply for lunch. A $5.00 guest service fee will apply for dinner, brunch and buffets. A $2.00 guest service fee will apply for children 10 and under for any meal.

Additional Fees to Your Monthly Statement

A $3.00 corkage fee will be charged for all bottles of wine brought and corked at the Burges Center. No storage of remaining wine is available and remains must be taken with the resident upon departure.

Personal  bottles of liquor can be stored and served by the Burgess Center dining staff at a one-time cost of  $ 5.00 bottle fee for each 750 ml  or less and $7.00 for each 1.75 L bottle. 2 bottles per household limit.

Beer and wine may be purchased utilizing allotted fund.. The Burges Dining Department will no longer sell wines by the bottle except for large party functions and must be pre-noted when reservations are made.

No personal containers of alcoholic beverages or food can be brought into and consumed in the Burges Center.

Reservation Guidelines

Reservations are encouraged for all dinner meals in the Café, Bar Counter and Dining Room Monday thru Friday and Saturday and Sunday buffet service requires reservations for parties of 5 or more when buffets resume.  For more Reservation Information (Click Here)

Dress Code Policy We encourage residents & their guests to follow these dress code guidelines.

Main Dining Room- Men: dress slacks, dress shirts, dress footwear, sport coat preferred, but optional/ Women: skirts or dresses, dress slacks, dress separates, dress footwear

 Café/ Bistro, Bar and Café Extension- Men: jeans, casual separates (Shorts, slacks, tops, etc…,) casual footwear/Women: Jeans, casual separates (Shorts, slacks, tops, etc…,) casual footwear

Major Holiday Buffets- Dining Room Attire Only.

Executive Chef Frankie Scavullo fscavullo@frankeatseaside.org/ 375-5001