Burges Center Dining Venues

Welcome to The Burges Center Independent Living Dining Venue Page. Our On-Line reservation system is currently not available at this time. While dine in Breakfast and Lunch is served Monday through Saturday with no reservations, we do require reservation for dinner service in all our dining areas with the café bar first come first serve but we ask that you check-in with the hostess first. Please understand that with current staffing levels and social distancing guidelines we are not able to accommodate every requested reservation. Linda Ann will work tirelessly to try and satisfy all the resident’s requests but please understand there are limitations and reservations will be honored in a fair and timely manner for all residents.

Reserving a Table- Linda Ann places yellow reservation request forms in each Burges mail box on Friday for requests two weeks in advance. Confirmations are also placed in Burges mailboxes for the coming week on Friday. Phone in requests, e-mail requests and reservation slips are the preferred method to request a reservation. Passing Linda Ann in the hall or during happy hour while she is tending bar is not the best time to reserve a table, order catering or make special party requests. As there is the opportunity to schedule your dinner two weeks in advance please understand that those residents who wait until the last minute and attempt to reserve a spot one, two or even four days in advance may not get their request and/or be put on a wait-list pending a cancelation. We are currently not accepting family members and guests for any meal service. On seasonal good days residents are more than welcome to order to-go service and enjoy a meal in the courtyard with family or friends.

Who Will You Sit With-There are currently three dining rooms to choose from and reserving your spot may be made in several different ways. When a single resident requests a reservation, Linda Ann will “build a table” or to say team that resident up with other single residents or a couple who has made a similar timed request. In the same fashion couples request may randomly be paired with another couple or other single residents. This usually guarantees a full four or six (limited) top to dine together. Residents who choose to eat with chosen selected residents are asked to first contact those residents and arrange a date, time and venue and inform Linda Ann of the names in the party. Please note that Linda will confirm the reservation with the host who booked the reservation. It is the host’s responsibility to contact their invited dinner party guests to confirm time and venue. Linda Ann is not responsible for reaching out to desired residents and setting up the dinner date. This is the sole responsibility of the resident arranging the reservation.

The Venues- The 2020 renovation offered us some fresh new dining room space as well as a new lounge. The following names have been given to the current rooms.

The Café a.k.a. The Bistro. Located just steps from the new market and just inside the back door from the courtyard, the Café offers one round 5-6 seat table and six 4 seat tables. The Café is a casual atmosphere with a casual dress code recommendation. Of course bathing suites and robes are not recommended for those who are coming from a pool class and while one of our past residents would wear his plaid pajama bottoms in for dinner at the bar we do not recommend such casual attire. The full seasonal menu as well as weekly special menu is offered Monday through Friday for dinner service. Our full lunch menu is available Monday -Saturday 11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. with a featured daily Blue Plate Special.

The Bar– The Bar located in the Café offers 10 comfortable elevated stools and superb friendly service by Kailey and Tamara. For those who are able to sit in the higher stools, we have found that the acoustics are better at the bar for those residents who don’t hear so well or devices does not filter out background noise. The dress recommendation is casual but there are limits to how casual.

Café Extension– We could give the room just beyond the café which was added during the renovation a fancy name but quite frankly it serves as an extension to the café and to avoid confusion is best named so. The bright and airy café extension offers one 5-6 seat table and seven 4 seat tables. Two of the four seat tables are positioned against the wall and in the past have been utilized as five seat tables from time to time but with current space limitations we prefer these remain as four seats only. The café extension is also casual and offers the full seasonal dinner menu as well as weekly special menu Monday through Friday for dinner service.

The Main Dining Room- Tucked just beside the café extension overlooking the Waterside end of the courtyard, The main Dining Room offers a more upscale dining option. Nine linen draped 4 seat tables and a quaint two top set the stage with beautiful artwork and mirrors adorning the walls. The dress code is a bit more formal as shorts and worn out denim is not considered appropriate attire. Collared button down or polo, turtle necks and slacks are considered appropriate attire and sport jackets and ties are optional. The dining room offers the full seasonal menu as well as weekly special menu Monday through Friday for dinner service.

The Lounge- Great for happy hour, private reserved gatherings, card and bingo games, casual meetings or just a quiet place to read a book, the lounge is a vestal space that many residents are only now just realizing its possibilities. Located just past the market with two high top 4 seat tables, five round 4 seat tables and plenty of casual sofa and lounge chair seating. The lounge also offers a bar and four large television sets. As there is no set recommended attire for the lounge, we ask that residents use common sense in this public area just as we do with all public areas in the Burges Center.

The Courtyard Market- Another much anticipated addition with our 2020 renovation is the market. Cynthia Offers prepared entrees, salads, fresh baked goods, snacks and beverages. The Market is opened Monday thru Friday 10:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. and from 2:30-4:00 p.m. A quick grab and go option is a short walk from your apartment or a quick drive from your cottage. Catering orders and large bulk household needs should be called in advance to Linda Ann at 375-5010 so you can pick them up at your desired time.

Coffee, Tea & Fruit- The Burges Center complimentary coffee and tea station offers Regular and Decaffeinated coffee with a variety of hot tea pouches, hot coco packets, sweeteners and creamers. Coffee is available from 7:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Monday- Friday.

Complimentary fresh seasonal apples, oranges and bananas are available just in front of the market for you grab and go daily needs.

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